Art Therapy for Adults 


Art therapy as a personal therapy helps you process your feelings through the creative process. You do not need to know how to draw or paint. This is your time to experiment, to play, and to grow by discovering personal imagery and metaphor in a supportive environment.


Why might you choose art therapy above conventional verbal psychotherapy?


Clients come to personal therapy for a variety of reasons. Some people are in crisis, and others may carry emotional wounds from a long time ago. Some clients view art therapy as personal growth work. Whatever your reason, something has made you curious enough to attempt to understand yourself, and to try to live a more resolved or functional life.


Sometimes we do not know how to express or articulate our feelings. Some feelings have not yet developed into words or may only be said in foreign languages. The creative process of art therapy provides the means for these feelings to be expressed. The art therapist facilitates the creative process, helping you find a language for self-expression. The art therapist will reflect back to you, working with the image, to enable you to move forward.


What happens when you come to Art Therapy?


"A tulip bulb is planted deep in the earth waiting to emerge in the Spring"

“A tulip bulb is planted deep in the earth waiting to emerge in the Spring”

You will be invited to an initial session. This will last one hour. I will take down a few personal details and we will talk about what you are seeking from art therapy.


In the session you will be invited to use the art materials without having to produce anything in particular and this can be relaxing and insightful. Or you may decide you wish to paint or draw something specific that you have been thinking about and you will be able to do that. I will be sitting with you the whole time, sometimes I might make a few notes, and you can talk if you wish. After finishing your artwork we will reflect together about what you have made and explore how you might benefit from this creative process.


Some clients have a specific problem that they would like help in understanding and processing


The bulbs have emerged from the fire below"

“The bulbs have emerged from the fire below”

  • relationship difficulties
  • bereavement
  • eating disorders
  • history of abuse
  • psychiatric history
  • psycho-sexual problems
  • self-esteem
  • depression
  • medical issues


Regular Sessions
If it is felt that you could benefit from art therapy you will be invited to make a short-term commitment for 6 weekly sessions, and thereafter continue on a monthly basis. 


What happens in the session is completely confidential unless I have serious concerns about your safety or the safety of others. The artworks belong to you though are kept in your own portfolio in the art studio till we end the work.




Trainees: £70 per session

Supervisees: £75 per session

Clients: £85 per session


…I felt Hephzi was incredibly alive and knowledgeable. Her obvious great wealth of experience and honesty shone through.Alex
Gave me permission to explore expression through art which I had not done since school.Nick, Doctor
I valued the way in which the workshop was developed ­ each segment felt in progression and dynamically connected. I ­ valued the model of respect and lack of judgement.. it was such a worthwhile experience, both on a personal and professional level. Art therapy is truly an exciting therapeutic medium.Linda, Psychotherapist