What previous participants have thought about the workshop…

“I loved it and felt very moved, and encouraged by it… Heart-warming for me and helpful and illuminating for me as therapist”
Liz, psychotherapist

“Enjoyed the physicality of it…..Helped me notice my edges……The group effort allowed me to see how far I have come towards lacking inhibition over the years,,, Art therapy goes deeply very quickly”
Ruth, psychotherapist

“I wanted (you inspired the need for) more, more, more! …Felt very free to explore – never for a second invaded – vital for me… Genuine feeling of process not output… Really valuable day for me – especially learning to trust my own flow and the experience of enjoying what I produced – brilliant”
Pam, psychotherapist

“I think it was well structured and based on experimental work was really enjoyable and helpful… I think receiving feedback from the tutor and the other participants is quite helpful… I enjoyed the workshop very much”
Teresa, teacher

“I was very tired before coming, but feel I am so glad I came…  Hearing the explanation of your style and how you are so into what you do and free but professional – very inspirational.”
Susan, art therapy student

“Good amount of people – flowing… Very bountiful”
Jenny, psychotherapist

“I am aware that I’m just a beginner in this sort of therapy and so it highlighted how far I need to go”
Fiona, psychotherapist

“It was beneficial and built on what I’ve been doing in the Monday class… Group painting – very revealing in terms of way of relating/ in life”
Ann, psychotherapist

“(I enjoyed) having a 3-course meal… Discussions about work within a group of enthusiastic and skilled people”
Lucy, occupational therapist

“Liked your firm container ie. time boundaries, physical safety (enough plastic sheeting) etc… Very well organised and ‘professional’ while still being client-centered and therapeutic. Many thanks – a good experience”
Wendy, psychotherapist, organisational coaching & leadership development