Art for the Heart Workshop


I have been running Art for the Heart art therapy workshops every Monday evening during term-time since 1997. The workshops are designed for adults who are interested in the art therapy experience, who are looking for an alternative approach to art-making and who are able to function well in a small group.


An Art for the Heart workshop enables you to get in touch with your creativity and to learn to express your feelings through the making of images. The emphasis is on personal growth and discovery rather than working towards a finished piece to hang on your wall (though sometimes you may want to display your paintings at home). You will be stimulated by the creative and healing processes. You will face exciting challenges and discover new things about yourself. You will also have an opportunity to share any thoughts that arise while painting and to listen to the painting experiences of others.




The workshops can be a good way to wind down without ‘pressure to perform’ as well as being a special time just for yourself and your own creative development. Each week you will meet to have some fun with paints and to develop your own unique way of painting.   After an initial warm-up exercise you will be introduced to the theme for the evening; each weekly theme aims to activate a different facet of one’s self. With regular attendance you may notice how your artwork may develop in sophistication, authenticity and relevance as you express yourself through the creative process.


After art-making we sit as a group and look at the images together. This reflection helps consolidate and articulate the process, aided by respect for individual interpretation and learning to accept the comments and support from others in the group.


Who is it for?



“Mythological Creatures”

Anybody interested in personal development and especially artists, psychotherapists, counsellors, health professionals, management consultants and teachers are all welcome. If you have no experience of personal development work you may be required to come for an initial interview or introductory session. It is irrelevant if you think you don’t know how to paint or draw.   If you are interested in art therapy and perhaps considering a career change this is a useful entree into the work.


Over the years several participants have subsequently applied for an art therapy training, many of whom are my colleagues today. This is an easy way to familiarise yourself with some of the art therapy processes.




art for the heart workshop

The group at work

The workshops take place every Monday evening 6.00 to 8.00pm GMT (during term time except for Bank holidays). It is recommended that you make a commitment to about four consecutive sessions. This is to allow for development and enrichment of the process.


You are also welcome to book for a try-out or individual session whenever you like. The workshops are limited to 12 places and so you are advised to book early.  

Since the pandemic Art for the Heart has moved to online. We have participants from all over the world attending.



For upcoming and future dates:

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Cost: £22.50 per session with discount for signing up to a complete term.








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What previous participants have said about the workshop…

Many thanks for your sessions. I’ve found at the end of each one I’m intrigued and eager to know more. Maybe because through other people it is possible to learn about myself. Maybe because through having new glimpses about myself I am also more open to learning about other people… a realisation that it is alright to be sensitive…that it is alright to admit to feeling light and not dark, without a feeling of retribution…DW, Musician
Hephzibah’s workshops are inspiring. She helps you to nurture yourself in a fun and exciting way which in turn enables others to blossom.Vicky Levy, Artistic Director of Club Dramatika
My creativity was galvanised.Dana, Graphic Designer
I loved it and felt very moved, and encouraged by it. Heart-warming for me and helpful and illuminating for me as a therapist.Liz, psychotherapist