Wellbeing & Support Group


Sometimes people feel that their whole world is crashing in. You may feel very frightened or angry and unable to control your feelings. You may have had a history of mental health difficulties, or perhaps this is your first ‘breakdown’. Clearly at this point it is imperative that you receive proper medical attention as you may need some medication to help you stabilise. 


Additionally, art therapy can be a very helpful intervention to help you find yourself again. The creative process will enable you to express some of the difficulties that may not have words. At a certain point, attending a special art therapy group can be supportive and containing as you will meet others with similar difficulties.


At London Art Therapy Centre we offer a Well-being and Support Group on Friday afternoons.  You can read more about the group here.


If you are interested in attending this weekly group, please email me at hephzi.kaplan@nullgmail.com for an initial meeting. You may self-refer or if it is easier, a member of your family or Care Coordinator can make contact and come with you to the initial meeting.